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Commissions! [Jun. 23rd, 2008|10:25 am]
Mad scribblings


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Cross-posted to my main LJ - Sorry if you see it twice.

Like everyone else right now, I need money. As some of you know, I'm going to grad school next September, and I am sorely lacking in funds. I have perhaps one quarter of the bare minimum of money that I shall need in the coming year.
As such, I would be VERY grateful for commissions, or, if you cannot commission me, if you would be kind enough to pass it along that I'm offering them. Thanks!

Pencil Sketch - $20
Single character pencil sketch, no background.

Inked Work - $25
Single character inked image, no background.

Detailed Pencil - $35
Single character pencil image, no background.

Flat Colours - $45
Single character image, flat colours and brushpen outlines. No/minimal background.

Cel shaded - $55
Single character cel-shaded image, no/minimal background.

'Advertising' Art - $50
Single character lineless image, no/minimal background.

Smooth Colouring - $75
Single character smooth-shaded image, no/minimal background.

Cel-shaded with Background - $85
Single character cel-shaded image with background. Price is highly variable depending on the background.

Smooth Shaded with Background - $125
Single character smooth-shaded image, with background. Price is highly variable depending on the background. (Two character pieces have been included to demonstrate types of backgrounds.)

Further information can be found at my site in the Commissions section.