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Keycon art [May. 19th, 2008|06:39 pm]
Mad scribblings


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Here is the art I displayed/sold at Keycon this year.

This is an Anubis piece I did - I'm thinking of either redoing it in ink and colouring digitally, or somehow touching this one up, so I can make prints. Hopefully that way, the background won't look so... bad.
Also, do note the annoying line caused by my scanner.
This one sold for I think $40. Ink and watercolour. (The gold shimmers in real life.)

This one didn't sell, which kind of surprised me, but... whatever. (Also, the frame I put it in was not the frame I had originally intended for it, and it looked like shit.

This one also went up, because I didn't like one of the pieces I was going to do enough to finish it - this one is actually fairly old, it's from October; I just never scanned it. The silver and blue are shiny in real life. This one sold = possibly for $5, if what I saw on the 'quick bid' sheet was correct. Which I really hope it wasn't, since the minimum bid was supposed to be $15.
Prismacolour markers, copic markers, sharpie, and pens.

This one went to auction because a husband and wife accidentally outbid each other. It's teeny, and acrylic. It went for $60.

[User Picture]From: greek_amazon
2008-05-21 04:35 am (UTC)
I honestly think it had a lot to do with the frame; it kind of made the image look like it wasn't there. It was weird. (Well, that and the fact that 75% of the artists displaying this year were bloody amazing.)
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